One of ERS’ missions is to provide effective outreaching tools among Christian, Churches and ministries., thus becomes the information aids to them. The mission scope of Emmanuel Resource Service actually includes Resource and Service. In addition to ERS own media production, which is with a focus and vision, ERS expands our media supports to other Kingdom Missions, such as recorded seminar training and TV programs in our studio; used our web techniques to produce eBooks. By ERS professional media skills, we can support other ministries/churches in depth through media and websites. 

Produce media products

With ERS’ production team and equipments, we can assist in the following media products:

  • Editing series of teaching, mission training and online seminar courses
  • Short Video of Ministry Vision- that can be shared in the various meetings

Studio recording

The studio of ERS/Lighthouse is equipped with background drops, lighting and 3 cameras. It can be used to record the following programs: 

  • Preaching, teaching, and training courses
  • TV interviewing program
  • Testimonies
  • Ministry vision sharing ​

EBook production

  • Convert paper publication into eBook format. (Details)
  • Set up online to download eBook and make donations.​

For more information, please contact ERS at (707)236-8055 or email: information.ers @gmail.com

ERS co-produced products

“Overview of the New Testament” ​​
​Speaker:Dr. Stephen Chang, Director of Chinese Christian Training Resource Center
Format:Overview of the 27 books of NT 40 sessions, each session 30-40 minutes
“The Lighthouse”
“The Lighthouse” can be viewed on Friday nights from 10:30 to 11:00 p.m. It is broadcasted on KTLN, airing on Comcast channel 25 or on Direct TV or Dish channel 68. (Details)
“Healing Series” 
by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
This online video was coproduced with Church of Praise in Christ in Oakland, California. This online healing series can be viewed on YouTube.
“Evangelize to the Lower Echelon” 
by Dr. Agnes Low and Pastor Wei Chiang Lee
These 5 Chinese DVDs were coproduced with Restaurant Gospel Ministry of CCHC. Dr. Agnes Low and Pastor Wei Chiang Lee will show us the characteristics of this level of people, how to release them from their bondages, and how to lead them to receive the Lord’s healing.

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