Assist and Win

Co-production with Your Ministry

One of ERS’ missions is to provide effective outreaching tools among Christians, churches and ministries so that becomes the information aids to them. Our name “Emmanuel Resource Service” actually includes Resource and Service. In addition to ERS own media production, which is with a focus and vision, ERS expands our media supports to other Kingdom Missions, such as recorded seminar training and TV programs in our studio; used our web techniques to produce eBooks. By ERS professional media skills, we can support other ministries/churches in depth through media. 

With ERS’ production team and equipment, we can assist in the following media products:

Media Products:
  • Editing series of teaching, mission training and online seminar courses
  • Short video of Ministry Vision- that can be shared in the various meetings
  • Preaching, teaching, and training courses
  • TV talk show for testimony sharing
  • Testimonies

Convert paper publication into eBook format.

Assist and Win

By Charles Lin

Ecclesiastes 4:12 said:“A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” It reminds us that we will experience great strength and effectiveness when we have one accord and serve our Lord as a team. The scripture repeats this important goal in many places. We are commanded to love each other. (John 15:12) We are encouraged that the Holy Father will protect us so that we may be one. (John 17:11) And God also proclaimed that we will serve him shoulder to shoulder.( Zephaniah 3:9) We are reminded to love, assist, and team up with each other.

We even find the same principle in sports. Playing sports is a very important way to shape the character of our young generations in America. Recently, Asian students around the world are greatly inspired by the story of a Harvard-grad NBA star-Jeremy Lin and his outstanding performance in professional basketball game. Basketball is a team sport. No matter how skillful a player might be, the team can still lose the game without players assisting each other and playing as a team.

Basketball game are in almost every American campus from elementary to college. With all kinds of skillful players competing for just a few spots in school team, it is extremely difficult trying to get in. We heard a story from a high school student who has great passion for basketball and setup specific goals to excel in ball-handling skills, speed and physical ability.He met a college basketball coach in a summer camp and asked the coach what they looked for when scouting players. The coach told him “First of all, I look at their attitude. When they get subbed out of a game, do they hustle quickly off or do they hang their head and slump over to the bench? Do they, when on the bench, sit and cheer their team on, or do they pout and grumble?” To that coach, the attitude was a crucial and fundamental aspect!

Playing as a team and helping each other is truly the key to winning the game. When evaluating a player’s performance, we look at points, rebounds, turnovers, steals and “assists”. This is a profound secret of winning the game. You worked so hard to train yourself, but whenever there is an open opportunity, you assist your teammates to score and cheer for them.

The body of Christ will become a threefold cord and hard to break if we truly love each other and serve God in one accord. But sometimes, we find it rather difficult to assist other ministry. We always evaluate each other’s ministry by the “quantity” of the result, i.e.. Increase of church membership or increase of size or impact of ministry. Most of the time,” assisting other ministry” would not increase your own ministry. But with Kingdom perspective in mind, we will see true miracle of multiplication and covering of each other’s weakness. We will put a smile in our heavenly Father’s face and become a conqueror in Christ.

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