One More Game

“One More Game” recalls the inspirational true story of a father who has worked hard to build his future, yet helplessly watches his son fall victim to video game addiction. After arguments and conflicts, the father and son see their relationship transformed by an unexpected savior – a 100-mile bicycle ride challenge.

Purpose of Production

​We believe this inspiring story may have a dramatic impact on many parent-child relationships. In this story, we are introduced to a father and son with a strained relationship. The son, like many of his generation, has become addicted to a virtual lifestyle; absorbed in video games. The father, in contrast, worked painstakingly all his life, struggling to make his future. This difference in values led to their many arguments and conflict. Realizing this situation, the father makes a spontaneous decision in an attempt to fix the problem – he convinces his son to go on a 100-mile bicycle tour, where at the end, he would be able to see his old childhood friend. Reluctant at first, the son eventually joins his father in the training regime. Through this process of training, they are able to reconcile their relationship, with each having a renewed sense of self-confidence.

We are confident we can paint this story in a way to convey two powerful messages. To parents, we offer hope. This story will encourage parents in similar situations by showing the power of perseverance through tough times. By being patient and constantly reaching out to your children, even in the face of disparity, it is possible to restore your relationship with them. To children, we can show the ability to achieve beyond what is imagined. That something seemingly out of reach is attainable through hard work and determination. Ultimately, we believe this story is the perfect way to share these positive messages with a widespread audience.

The Special Features of “One More Game”

​– Offering insight to the Asian American culture and displaying the beauty of the Northern American landscape

This film showcases the cultures of first and second generation Asian immigrants as well as the beautiful landscapes of North America. The interactions, conversations and conflicts between the two generations in this film will allow viewers from both cultures to relate.  

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