• 2003
  1. 05/2003 Registered as Non-Profit Organization
  2. 09/2003 Approved by California State of Tax exempt status
  3. 12/2003 Approved by Federal Government of Tax exempt status
  • 2004-04/2005 Published DVD: documentary Rise From The Pit”-substance addiction
  • 20060/6 Published DVD: documentary “Fly Away From Superstition”-Idol worshiping
  • 2009/09 Published documentary “Quick Fix”-gambling addition DVD
  • 2010

2010 YouTube broadcasting:

Ministering Church-Healing Series by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Recognize Gambling Addition

Gospel to Gambler; Addict to Conqueror

And all other ERS documentary DVD

“The Lighthouse” TV program to Bay area

  •  2011-2014

    Online Seminar: “Overview of the New Testament” , total 40 sessions

eBook Publishing


  • 2015-16

 “The Lighthouse” TV program to Bay area

“The Word and Work of Jesus Christ”, total 40 sessions, started its production

  • 2017

“The Word and Work of Jesus Christ”, total 40 sessions

“One More Game” 30-min short film for video game addiction

  • 2018

“Homesick” 15-min short film for prisoners return to outside world

  • 2019

Cruising for our short films

  • 2020 Pandemic hit

Propose our movie of “Zoe’s Choice”-long film for abortion and adoption

  • 2021

Starting producing Zoe’s Choice”, it is now under shooting

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