About Producer

Producer: Charles Lin
Producer: Ginny Lin

“Emmanuel Resource Service” previously produced three testimonies: “Rise From the Pit”, “Fly Away from Superstition”, “Quick Fix”, and two short movies: “One More Game” and “Homesick”. Distribution areas include Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, the Unite States, Canada, Europe, and the English show ‘The Lighthouse” in San Francisco, California.

Rise From the Pit is a real-life film about a successful business owner who runs a restaurant. However, as time went on, the marriage between the owner and his wife breaks down and the business fails due to drug addiction. The film was distributed in cooperation with the Gospel Food and Beverage Industry Gospel Mission, which toured around the world to promote restaurant work.

“Fly Away from Superstition” is a real-life film about a female restaurant owner who is tied to worshiping in temples, superstitions, fear of offending Gods, and insomnia. This film is a cooperation between Chinese Evangelistic Believers to distribute DVDs of this film around the world. The film was very welcomed and copies of the DVDs were sold in the tens of thousands.

“One More Game” is a short movie (about 30 minutes) about a father who is making a plan to rescue his son from gaming addiction. This film is based on a true story and won the American Los Angeles Short Film Competition in 2017.

“Homesick” is a short movie (about 15 minutes) about a recently probated prisoner who wants to go back home. However, his parents wouldn’t allow him back home because of all the evil deeds he has done. This film was made in collaboration with the Taiwanese Christian Prison Fellowship. The film premiered in California, USA and then toured in the West Coast on March 2019. The film then premiered in Taiwan on September, 2018. The tour lasted from September to December. This film did a great job promoting family relationship and the prison ministry, and gave a deeper understanding of prisoners

The English TV Show “The Lighthouse” is broadcasted in 101 cities in the bay area and provides a half an hour discussion once a week. The broadcasting lasted from 2010-2015 and was broadcasted on KTLN.

The films and TV Programs above are directed and produced by Charles Lin and Ginny Lin.

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