Support from the Restaurant group

Meals were needed to provide for all the cast and crew members during the shoot. We are very grateful for sponsorship from local restaurants. JoJo Sushi, Ippin Udon, Kiraku Sushi, Santa Rosa Asian Eat, all sponsored us by providing delicious meals through the many days of shooting. When we needed to shoot scenes in aContinue reading “Support from the Restaurant group”

A Heart-Breaking Scene

Zoe’s parents already had communication problems; arguments were not uncommon in their marriage. Most recently, they had been arguing about Richard wanting to move to Asia to advance his career. Frustrated with constantly moving, Mandy wanted to stay where they were, close to her sister. One night, their argument escalated to a physical altercation followingContinue reading “A Heart-Breaking Scene”

Break-in in our Rohnert Park office

During the transition of moving, on November 17th, 2021 when we returned to the old office at noon from moving some stuff to the new office, we were shocked to find our office had been broken into. After carefully checking, we lost 4 cameras and 1 label printer, 2 nice cameras and lens were donatedContinue reading “Break-in in our Rohnert Park office”

Side notes From Filming in Taiwan

Due to the pandemic in America, it was very hard for us to start the production of the film “Zoe’s Choice.” The length of our Taiwan scenes only accounted for 10% of the overall film, so we planned to travel to Taiwan to start this part first. The Taiwanese government required 14 days of quarantine and 7 days of self-isolation, with no public meetings and transportation, before we could actually start working. It added a lot of uncertainty to our trip.