Open The Lake

There is a scene featuring Spring Lake in Santa Rosa. In the weeks leading up to the shoot, we went there to scout out locations and were very shocked to find the lake nearly covered in a scum layer of red brown algae. We needed to shoot at this location in 3 weeks. That day, we prayed on the spot that the lake would be all cleared up by the time of the shot.

When that day came (3/7/2022), we arrived at the shooting location with our cast and crew to find the lake so beautiful, we entirely forgot about the algae bloom that was present a mere 20 days ago, in addition to the prayers that we had made.
After we finished this phase of shooting, we returned to Spring Lake to hike and unwind the stress from our bodies. We stopped by the place where we had filmed and were appalled to see that the algae bloom had returned and had become even more severe than before. The once beautiful Spring Lake looked suffocated by the thick algae, there was not even a small space for birds to rest upon the water. It had literally become an algae desert.

Who could have predicted this timing and planned it into our shooting schedule? It must have been our Almighty God who created this window and opened the lake for us to shoot.

2/14/22 – location scouting, the lake was covered with algae
4/2/22 – After we completed our shoot, the lake returned to a state cluttered by algae

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