Rising Through Theft

In November of 2021 we were in the middle of moving our ERS office from Rohnert Park back to Santa Rosa. One day, we arrived at our old office and discovered someone had broken into it the previous night. Chief among the items missing were three sets of cameras, one of which had just been purchased for the Zoe project. Additionally, after considering our circumstances, the home insurance company ultimately responded that they would not cover our loss.

During that time, we were very frustrated wondering “why did this have to happen to us?” and asking God “how can we continue with this project?”. God did not answer our questions immediately; however, many brothers and sisters interceded and prayed for us. An elder from New Jersey even called us, overcome with emotion, to pray over us, comforting and strengthening us — it touched our hearts so much. We also had many people donate to sponsor this production.

Looking back to when we first started filming, we recognized many instances where God’s provision allowed us to overcome extreme difficulties. One of these instances occurred when we were in Taiwan back in April 2021. The region had been in a drought season for some time and the people were longing for water. The day before our scheduled shoot, we received a weather report forecasting that there would be pouring rain all day long. While this was good news for the area, we had scheduled an outdoor shoot at the farmer market on the very same day. We sent out prayer requests and proceeded with shooting the next day. Incredibly, God actually withheld the rain in the morning (when we were shooting outdoors) and it only started pouring in the afternoon when we had already moved to a restaurant for an indoor shoot. After we came back to the USA to film the remaining footage, we were also able to round out our production team with a more professional cast and crew that allowed us to advance our shooting schedule. Recalling all of God’s steadfast provisions in the past, we were able to regain confidence in His guidance and began planning the next phase of our filming campaign.

But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

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