Characters Introduction

Jiang Family
Ken Huang as Richard

Richard Jiang: He is an immigrated from Taiwan to California, very smart but with a hot temper. For not knowing how to communicate with his family, it results in violent outbreaks. Longing for the way of working and in America, so he left to work in Asia, leaving his family alone in America.

Mandy Du: Richard’s wife. She is 32 years old and has a daughter named Joan and Pat. The son was born with a heart disease resulting in extra care needed for raising. With the addition of the family relationship problems, this resulted in Mandy having a weak body. During the hard times, she became pregnant with her 2nd daughter, Zoe. She didn’t expect that the growth of Zoe would become the biggest struggle in the family. Zoe’s attitude during the teenage years is very harsh like thrones on a rose. After years of raising Zoe, Mandy’s attitude becomes subtle.

`Mandy and her daughter Joanne played by Anne Xu and Colandra Wang

Joan – The eldest daughter, independent, hardworking, has good grades. After she found out about Zoe’s situation, she realized that she doesn’t care about her sister and brother.

Pat – Mandy’s son. Has a heart disease since he was born. Loved and cared by the father. Loves to prank and annoy Zoe.

Zoe: The youngest child of the three. After being born, due to her brother having lots of sickness, all the care was directed towards him. Exclude from the care of her father, she became rebellious. Her way of dressing, party lifestyle, brought a huge shock to the traditional Asian family. At 20 years old, she accidentally got pregnant from her boyfriend Arthur and faces the choice of abortion.

Wu Family
Ray and Nina played by Jason and Debbie Kung

Ray: Mandy’s Brother in law. Kind and caring, and during family outbreaks, he knows how to calm others down..

Nina Du: Mandy’s younger sister, and Ray’s wife. She has two daughters named Ellen and Jessica, and a pet dog named Sunny. She is a busy house wife. She is usually calm and is usually Mandy’s escape from outbreaks.

Ellen: Zoe’s cousin. They grew up together. Her personality is very pure, the complete opposite of Zoe. However, Ellen and Zoe click will together resulting in them being best friends.

Jesse: Ellen’s younger brother. Likes to annoy others.

Grandparent played by Jingya Li and Angel Tu

Grandma: Mandy and Nina’s mother lives in Taiwan. Education level of Middle School. Strong personality. She often says she doesn’t care about her daughter but her action says her love.

Grandpa: Mandy and Nina’s father runs a traditional family-style restaurant in Taiwan.


Zoe’s Boyfriend
Alex Kim: 19-23, Korean American college student and Zoe’s Boyfriend. Has a violent personality. Good to girls and attracted Zoe. Zoe wanted to break up with him multiple times, however because of Arthur’s compliments, she always goes back.After hearing that Zoe was pregnant, he wanted to quickly find a solution and doesn’t care about Zoe’s feelings at all. After learning that Zoe wants to keep the baby, he became very angry and signed a contract to not support the child.During the graduation ceremony, Arthur holds onto his baby and recognized himself as a father.

Golden Retriever
Sunny: Ellen’s pet Golden Retriever. Has a good and kind personality and loves the family.His loyalty won the hearts of the entire family and his passing gave the family lots of grief. Sunny fully lives his final moments and cherishes every moment with his family, until he passes away.

Zoe witnesses Sunny’s unfortunate death and inspired her to keep the baby in her womb.

About Producer

Producer: Charles Lin
Producer: Ginny Lin

“Emmanuel Resource Service” previously produced three testimonies: “Rise From the Pit”, “Fly Away from Superstition”, “Quick Fix”, and two short movies: “One More Game” and “Homesick”. Distribution areas include Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, the Unite States, Canada, Europe, and the English show ‘The Lighthouse” in San Francisco, California.

Rise From the Pit is a real-life film about a successful business owner who runs a restaurant. However, as time went on, the marriage between the owner and his wife breaks down and the business fails due to drug addiction. The film was distributed in cooperation with the Gospel Food and Beverage Industry Gospel Mission, which toured around the world to promote restaurant work.

“Fly Away from Superstition” is a real-life film about a female restaurant owner who is tied to worshiping in temples, superstitions, fear of offending Gods, and insomnia. This film is a cooperation between Chinese Evangelistic Believers to distribute DVDs of this film around the world. The film was very welcomed and copies of the DVDs were sold in the tens of thousands.

“One More Game” is a short movie (about 30 minutes) about a father who is making a plan to rescue his son from gaming addiction. This film is based on a true story and won the American Los Angeles Short Film Competition in 2017.

“Homesick” is a short movie (about 15 minutes) about a recently probated prisoner who wants to go back home. However, his parents wouldn’t allow him back home because of all the evil deeds he has done. This film was made in collaboration with the Taiwanese Christian Prison Fellowship. The film premiered in California, USA and then toured in the West Coast on March 2019. The film then premiered in Taiwan on September, 2018. The tour lasted from September to December. This film did a great job promoting family relationship and the prison ministry, and gave a deeper understanding of prisoners

The English TV Show “The Lighthouse” is broadcasted in 101 cities in the bay area and provides a half an hour discussion once a week. The broadcasting lasted from 2010-2015 and was broadcasted on KTLN.

The films and TV Programs above are directed and produced by Charles Lin and Ginny Lin.

About Zoe’s Choice

“Zoe’s Choice” is a film about how Zoe, a beautiful girl who survived a parental abortion, decided to keep her baby after witnessing her cousin’s dying dog cherish his last moments with his owner.


Zoe, a previously survivor of an abortion, faces a similar situation before college graduation to make the decision of to or not to abort her unborn child.

Zoe’s parents reside in California, USA, and are the immigrants from Taiwan. When Zoe’s mother was pregnant with her, they were already caring for a four-years old daughter and a sickly one-year old son. Her sudden pregnancy of Zoe made the family not only unprepared, but also worsened the tense family relationship and finances.

The ambitious father Richard Jiang felt that the monotonous American family life was a hindrance to his career. He decides to leave the family and returned to work in Asia when Zoe was just four years old. In the absence of her father, she became a rebellious girl. Her ways of dressing and dating styles often brought violent conflicts to this ordinary Chinese family.

When Zoe was choosing her own partner, she also fell into and experienced a violent, unhealthy relationship. One day, she found out she was pregnant! Her boyfriend wishes her to abort the child. Zoe also considers it until she witnessed her child’s heartbeats during her ultrasonic scan. The heartbeats of the child lets her realized that her baby was a living human being!

Zoe returns to her mother for help. The daughter and mother struggled with the decision. No one will ever know if she has an abortion and Zoe can have a new start. If she keeps the baby, how is a girl able to study, work, and care for the child when she hasn’t graduated from college?

During the time Zoe’s cousin Ellen’s dog fell sick. Sunny’s sickness worsened, and within one week, it became life-threatening. Zoe witnessed that at the end of Sunny’s life, it is still struggling to survive to spent its last moments with its family. After witnessing how Sunny cherishes its life, Zoe couldn’t bear to end the life of an upcoming baby in her womb.